Sunday, 22 February 2009

Ooh Hello In There!

We've now reached a bit of a pregnancy milestone and quite an exciting if rather freaky one. I'm starting to feel smidget move!

At least I think that's what it is. The various pregnancy books, websites, email updates etc. seem to think this is about the right time and have a variety of ways to describe the sensation. These include butterflies, fishes, bubbles and the very helpful - "feels like gas". Well given that my digestive system isn't the most cooperative at the best of times, telling me to look out for sensations akin to indigestion doesn't help a great deal. Especially as pregnancy hormones just love to mess with your guts as much as everything else. Apparently your whole digestive system slows down so it has time to get as many nutrients as possible from the food. Well I'll leave you to imagine what er, knock on effects that has!

Anyway, back to the point of this post, as I'm quite a connoisseur of digestive sensations, (TMI?) I'm pretty sure that what I'm feeling is Smidget, and I'd go with the fishes description, or more precisely it's like a medium sized Goldfish flapping about. It's really lovely to be able to feel it and along with the growing bump it's making me feel properly pregnant, if you see what I mean. But it's also very, very strange to have another person doing back flips in your belly and does occasionally cause me to stop what I'm doing so I can stand still with my hand on my belly and say "ooh, that's odd, hello!". This makes little sense to people who don't know I'm pregnant, or who are just random people in the street. Although if it's a London street it'll be one of the least strange things they've seen that day. So it's probably ok.

So far I have determined that Smidget likes bus rides, upright dining chairs accompanied by large dinners and the Quins beating Gloucester in a last minute rugby premiership shocker. At least that's if you assume wriggling a lot is a sign of approval, it may be just the opposite - if so we will have to work on that young Smidget!


Saturday, 14 February 2009

Bump Pic 17 weeks

Right then I am finally feeling brave enough to put a picture of me on here, so here am I, with bump, as taken this morning, Valentines day. Wearing a pre-pregnancy outfit btw, horrah for empire line!

Are you ready for your close up Smidget?

I suspect my belly is rather larger than that this afternoon after a very nice (and large) lunch - mmm - thank you Fred! Potentially our last chance for a bit of Valentines day spoiling and I'm making the most of it!


Monday, 9 February 2009

There IS Such a Thing as a Free Lunch!

One of the nicest things about the last month has been finally being able to tell everyone the news. As well as lots of congratulations and a couple of very cute little hand knitted cardigans this has had an extra unexpected bonus! A number of our London friends have responded to the news by inviting us round for lunch or dinner. We aren't sure if this is because they don't think they will ever see us again after July or if they are just keen to get me as fat as possible as quick as possible, but either way we're quite happy to accept free food. So as it stands we currently have 5 such meals lined up, sweet! However we still have plenty of availability should anyone else wish to join in, we may even consider traveling beyond zone 2 if you ask really, really nicely ;O)

This does tho bring up an issue, I suddenly find there are things I can't eat. So all these poor friends making kind offers, find they suddenly have a demanding dinner guest. I'll eat pretty much anything normally, I once ate several live ants while in the Amazon, they were Lemon ants and tasted, well, lemony. Sadly tho one of the first things my GP did was instruct me to look at the FSA's web page for the pregnant:

In summery what this says is that all fun food is banned, basically anything with even the slightest chance of giving you food poisoning, including rare meet, partially cooked eggs and all my favourite stinky, mouldy cheeses (no mention of amazonian lemon ants tho). Now I've never had food poisoning from any of these things before and I guess the chances are very small, but it's only for 8 months (I ate pretty much all of them in the month before I knew I was pregnant) and it's really nothing compared to the restrictions some friends/family face owing to much less welcome medical conditions, so I am being good. But oooh I'm going to have a massive rare steak sandwich oozing with Stilton as soon as this is over, and if one more patronising bloomin waiter says "don't worry dear, there won't be any blood" in response to my request for well done roast beef, he will feel the full fury that can only come from the pregnant, hormonal and hungry!


PS. I've decided to start putting how many weeks I am on each post for future reference. For the uninitiated 16+3 means 16 weeks and 3 days (I'm not convinced about how accurate that is but it's how the hospital seem to count).

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

It's Gonna Be A Giant!

So apparently, although summer babies may not do as well at school as their winter born classmates they could probably beat them in a fight.

According to an article on the BBC news website today, children born in the summer and autumn are taller and stronger. Obviously we were quite concerned that Smidget would be terribly short, so this a great relief.

Apparently it's due to the amount of sunlight the mother gets in the last few months of pregnancy, summer mums get more and therefore more vitamin D, which is important in bone growth. So there is a great excuse for me to spend June and July lying on my back in the sun, assuming there is any of course.

The article is here:

One pair of friends claim to have started a sweep stake on the eventual height of Smidget, they might want to add on another inch now.


Monday, 2 February 2009

Does My Bump Look Big In This?

Well it's time to face it, none of my normal trousers fit anymore.

A crisis point was reached last week when the last of my more sympathetic jeans failed to do up. The bump is emerging, and although still pretty small, I don't want to just buy normal clothes in a bigger size that'll only last a few weeks, so there was only one thing for it, deep breath, I had to go to a maternity shop.

I hate clothes shopping at the best of times, being a bit of a giant I've been dreading trying to find stuff that'll fit pregnant me, but to be fair it wasn't quite as traumatic as I'd imagined. I decided on the maternity section of the Oxford street Top Shop, knowing that at least they made some of their trousers long enough. I did indeed find some jeans, a few tops and something called a bump band. I was relieved to find that there were separate changing rooms as I was even less keen than normal to fight for a cubicle with 14 year old stick insects from Essex, hoping to be talent scouted for a modeling agency! I was also pleased to spot two other women of similar bump size to me also trying to figure out how the expandable jeans worked!

Anyway, I tried the stuff on and ooooh how comfy those jeans were after the badly fitting stuff I'd been in all day! I seriously considered just pulling the tags off and asking if I could keep them on. The bump band was also a revelation, it's just a band of material you wear around your belly to cover up the gap when normal tops get too short. Well normal tops are always too short on me, I just wish they did them for non pregnant tall women! I bought two, I figure when I do get big I'll need them to hide the gap when maternity tops get too short!

So I am a lot more comfortable now, many thanks to those who gave me TopShop vouchers for Christmas. All that's left to do is hide those pre-pregnant jeans at the back of the cupboard and hope that someday I'll fit into them again!