Wednesday, 4 February 2009

It's Gonna Be A Giant!

So apparently, although summer babies may not do as well at school as their winter born classmates they could probably beat them in a fight.

According to an article on the BBC news website today, children born in the summer and autumn are taller and stronger. Obviously we were quite concerned that Smidget would be terribly short, so this a great relief.

Apparently it's due to the amount of sunlight the mother gets in the last few months of pregnancy, summer mums get more and therefore more vitamin D, which is important in bone growth. So there is a great excuse for me to spend June and July lying on my back in the sun, assuming there is any of course.

The article is here:

One pair of friends claim to have started a sweep stake on the eventual height of Smidget, they might want to add on another inch now.



  1. Well I am not sure what happened to my Sam! Born on 14th July and rather small and not so strong. I guess we must have had a bad summer in 1991.

  2. One topical thought comes to mind: just think how mammoth Fred might have become if he had been born in the Summer?!! Happy Birthday Freddle:-) Hx