Thursday, 12 March 2009

20 Week Scan!

Well this is quite an exciting week, we've reached the half way point, had our 20 week scan and this weekend will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary (crikey time flies!).

A very enthusiastic Australian chap called Tyrone was our sonographer today and for once Smidget had decided to be in a good position straight off, so we had a good look at the heart, leg bones, ribs, kidneys, etc and measurements were made of various brain structures, the head and belly. I did have to lie on my side for a bit to get Smidget to turn and give us a profile, but for the most part it was a lot more dignified than the 12 week scan. Apart from this bit:

Sonographer: "...and there's baby's bladder, it's quite full, baby needs to pee! and there's your bladder - you need to pee too hey?"

Me: "er, yes" (and you poking me with that plastic stick is not helping!)

Oh and Smidget did moon us at one point!

Anyway the main thing is that everything was normal, so that's great and it's fair to say we're getting pretty excited about it now. Apparently Smidget has very long toes, and a "sturdy" head -I assume that means a large head, any ideas where it may have go that from? Hmmm? I did instruct Smidget to inherit my head size and not Fred's but we seem to have our first bit of disobedience!
Smidget has a bit of a snooze
Feet! - Check out those toes!

Smidget practices the Jonny Wilkinson conversion kick technique / karaoke



  1. Wow thats fantastic!!
    Can really see his/her face in the 1st one, how amazing!! Hope you are feeling well
    love sal xxx

  2. love that last picture..

    oh and don't worry about the erm head size :)

    looking good xxxx

  3. Aaaawwww! Wow! Smidget has grown so much so quickly!! You are also positively glowing in you pregnancy! Can't wait to see the little un when he/she is born!