Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Size of a Smidget

Monday saw another routine antenatal appointment, (I'm now seeing either the midwife or GP every 2 weeks) this one was actually the second half of an appointment which started on Wednesday last week, but due to an administrative c**k up (GP not warned it was an antenatal appointment, couldn't find tape measure) we'd only been able to do the peeing in a pot, blood pressure bit that time, and I had returned for the measuring and listening to the heart beat bit.

This time the tape measure was at hand and my bump was duly measured, we listened to Smidget's heart with the aid of a very nifty hand held doppler device and for her troubles the GP received a stern kick from Smidget, who perhaps objected to her cold hands.

Much to my surprise the GP decided that my bump was measuring a bit small, so I was sent off to the hospital for yet another scan (I knew I was tempting fate when I said on here after the 4D scan that we wouldn't be seeing Smidget again until the birth). I was seen remarkably quickly and the lady doing the scan declared straight away that Smidget wasn't too small at all. Probably the fact that I'm so tall scewed the measurements a bit.

It was much harder to make things out on this scan as Smidget is now so squished up in there but she measured the circumference of the head and belly and length of the thigh bones, from which we can tell that Smidget has a fairly average sized head (yay - perhaps some of my genes made the cut after all), a rather fat little belly and very long legs. In the top 3% for the leg length, tho I don't think that's too suprising really!

They could also estimate that Smidget is currently about 6lb 12 (3062g), which on my dodgy maths and looking at the growth charts in my notes puts us at about 8lb 9 ish at 40 weeks. So big, but not huge.

This all also goes to prove that the current greeting of choice for anyone seeing me ("oh my god, you're MASSIVE!") is, as I'd thought, a little unfair!


The Big 3-0

This weekend saw the end of the NCT classes and, rather disturbingly, my 30th birthday. Well, I say disturbingly, to be honest it rather snuck up on me as what is left of my poor little brain is so full of baby things that there was no room left for birthday thinking (or perhaps that's just called denial). Anyway, it was a very lovely birthday and I feel utterly spoilt. I also managed to milk it a bit, starting off a week early with a Dim Sum feast in London, where I proved that I can still pack away the pork buns despite limited stomach space. I also provided the entertainment - pregnant woman on wii fit, thankfully there are no pictures!

This weekend Fred's mum kindly let me invade her lovely house with a very girly collection of friends and family (well a couple of boys snuck in, but were counted as honorary girls I think). These also including Smidget's Aston Cousin Luke, who has lent Smidget his baby wet suit (so cute) and actual cousin Wriggler (due in November). Large amounts of tea and cake were consumed, all very tame by past birthday standards but lovely to see everyone, even if it was a bit scary to say goodbye knowing I won't see most of them again until after Smidget arrives!

Oh and Smidget performed very well, producing some good belly acrobatics to entertain (or perhaps horrify) the girls!

We staggered home on the train on Sunday with a moses basket piled high with pressies including some lovely home made things (thank you Mums and Aunties) and sprouting some shiny helium balloons. I think it's fair to say we draw a few quizzical looks!

Moses basket with shiny balloons and pressies!

I think there may be a couple of pictures to add to this post, but I don't have them to hand so will add them later if they turn up!

(or 30 years + 3 days)

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Bump Pic 33 Weeks

Getting a bit better at doing this regularly now, so here I am plus bump on the beach this weekend. Like all good British beach pictures it was howling a gale and threatening to rain - so ignore my crazy hair please!

And no, I haven't just shoved a football up my jumper!

Last week saw my final 5 day working week. I'm trying to work up to 38 weeks, but am getting very tired now so rather than start my maternity leave early I am using up some holiday to take off one day a week for a good nap. Role on Wednesday, and yes I am counting the days till I finish now (it's 20 btw)! I've was also finally been caught by the stretch mark fairy! Booooo! I'd got this far and was starting to wonder if I'd get away with it, but no! Oh well, I don't think I'll be getting my belly out in public any time soon anyway!

We're still in post flood chaos, but hopefully we'll at least have the carpet back down next Friday, the nesting urges will have to stay away until after that.

I've now moved on to the "birth preparation" stage of the relaxation CDs, only it's working a bit too well at the moment as I've fallen asleep every time I listened to it! Will give that another go this evening I think.