Thursday, 13 August 2009

A trip around the courtyard

On Tuesday we took Evelyn out in her buggy for a walk for the first time. Although we only did 3 laps round the pond in our courtyard, it was nice to get her outside. Kirsty also relished her first trip outside (apart from going to and from the hospital) for over a week, but found it quite tiring.

Back in the flat Evelyn has a break from feeding. This is increasingly rare, as she seems to enojy eating slowly over a three hour period until it is time for the next meal. I think she inherited that behaviour from my side of the family.

Yesterday Granny Craze and Aunt Helen came to visit ans to keep Kirsty company whilst I went out for a run. (The run made me realise just how tired I am!) Here's Evelyn with Helen.

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