Sunday, 27 September 2009

Mobiles are wonderful things

Kirsty bought a mobile for Evelyn's cot. She (Evelyn) loves it. Actually we all love it because it means we can leave her in the cot awake for ten minutes to have a shower, make a drink or whatever, and Evelyn will be happy and entertained. I have tried to take some photos to show just how much she likes it, but as soon as I got the camera out and lined up the shot, she looked at me instead to see what I was up to!

Thirza & james and Claire and Sam come to visit

We had lots of visitors yesterday. First Thirza and James: Evelyn has now (finally) met all her aunts and uncles

And then Kirsty's friends Claire and Sam (who stayed out of shot!)...

Helen & Dave's wedding

On 19 September we had our first night away from home, to go to Helen and Dave's weding in Hampshire. Evelyn was remarkably well behaved.

Here she is being blissfully quiet on my knee during the ceremony....

And here is she is being passed between lots of people in fancy suits and dresses without vomiting, pooing or drooling once....

And finally, here she is totally calm while we dress her in a silly pirate hat...

Steve visits Evelyn

On 18 September my friend Steve came to visit Evelyn. I was in Hull with work and he didn't wait around for me to get back!

Rachel visits Evelyn

And here are some photos of Evelyn with Kirsty's friend Rachel taken on 6 September

Evelyn at Great Grandpa George's

Since I've been back at work it's been hard to find time to upload photos, but now I've finally got round to it, so this is going to be a bumper series of posts. First here are some photos of Evelyn's first trip out of London, to see her great grandpa on 31st August.