Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Water in Menorca

As I left off talking about holidays, I may as well pick up there.

This Summer we braved our first ever family foreign holiday, it was also our first fly-n-flop style package holiday, not that there could be much flopping with Evelyn around!

Things I have learnt from this experience:

1- Never get seats 21 D-F on Thompson airways (right by the loo don't recline)
2- Actually if at all possible, unless you are under 4' 6" don't get a charter flight at all
3- It doesn't matter how much you try to wear Evelyn out, jumping about on a plane is far far more exciting than sleeping on one
4- The two most dangerous words in the English language are "dessert buffet"*
5- Much like the frog who will stay in a pot of water as it's slowly heated to boiling point, a toddler will stay in a swimming pool until they are blue with cold, and then get very annoyed with you for removing them and wrapping them in a warm cosy towel, and will then demand ice cream
6- Some people actually give their kids cola, in baby bottles *face palm*
7- Fred CAN actually survive for more than 48 hours without Internet access (who knew?)
8- There is a lot to be said for an exhausted child, a balcony and unlimited alcohol

Beyond that there isn't a huge amount to say, (just as well given how much else I need to update the blog on!) Our days were spent mostly in the pool and Evelyn, to my delight, has finally decided she likes water, we had a couple of day trips to towns on the Island and spent a bit of time getting covered in sand, we survived the flights and Fred and I came home feeling rather more relaxed, and rather more like we'd actually seen something of each other, than we have done in months.

Would I rather have been having a third crack at climbing Mulhacen or finally managing to bother some Lemurs in Madagascar? Hmmm toughy but to be honest I think no. Those things will hopefully still be possible in the future but after two years of new baby, house move, house renovations, major changes at work, tag-team parenting etc etc, a week of effort free food and booze, swimming pools and snide remarks about Germans and sun loungers was just what we needed.
International Evelyn

Who needs sun-cream when you have this much sand on you?



Throwing some shapes at Junior Disco

Exploring with Daddy

 *Dessert buffet joke copyright Fred

Peek -a- Boo!

Oh my it's been a long time again, since my last post.

We've had more work done on the house, braved our first family foreign holiday, had close encounters with monkeys, Evelyn has turned two (yes I know! how the heck did that happen) and Fred and I have learnt to kite surf*!

I'm not going to try to cover all of that in one post so consider this a promise that I will pull my finger out and update the blog a bit more in future.


*well when I say we learnt to kite surf, I mean we both managed to get on the boards briefly before being dragged on our faces through the estuary, but it was bloomin good fun!