Thursday, 23 February 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful - Family Time

We have a  running joke about "tag team parenting" at the moment, Fred and I both get lots of time with E, but often very little as a family or with each other. On a few occasions we have literally high-fived as he came in the front door and I ran out of it. When we do find ourselves in the same room there are always other things to do, last night we decided to sit down and watch a bit of TV, but quickly agreed not to go for the subtitled Danish drama so that while we "relaxed together" I could do an online shop and he could replace the door handles! (we were briefly locked in the living room as a result). So this weeks reasons for me to be cheerful are family time:
1- A working family lunch:
Yesterday Fred was looking after Evelyn and they both came up to meet me at work so we could go out for lunch, E was quite excited to see where "Mummy does some science like Nina" but not nearly as excited as she as about ice cream!

2- Weekends with other peoples families:
We've had two weekends with other families recently, the first visiting my extended family for my Nan's 101st birthday (!!) and last weekend when some friends came to visit us. It was lovely having  other kids about, especially the older girls who E was totally in awe of and as she is now old enough that any trouble will be noisy trouble, we were able to let the girls romp about together while we got to talk to the grown ups for a change.
3- A family holiday:
I am counting the days now until our holiday! (16) We're returning to Coombe Mill farm in Cornwall for a week of wellies, getting muddy with the pigs and just spending time together. It's the sort of holiday I'd never have considered pre-E when I was always planning trips that would involve back packs, vaccinations and at least one hideous dose of food poisoning, but right now, it's just about ideal (just hope the weather is as glorious as it was last year!) See here for pictures of the farm's latest additions - the first lamb has just arrived!
Right that's Thursday nearly over - and that's another reason to be cheerful!


  1. Enjoy your holiday and spending time as a family. It's often hard to find time together when you have kids and almost impossible to find time to be a couple so enjoy!!!

  2. How lovely to be linked in your post. We are looking forward to seeing you back at Coombe Mill in 16 days for some quality family time! Thank you for adding my badge too, it makes me proud when ever I see it:O)

  3. Ohh I am so envious that you are going to Coombe Mill, have an amazing time and say hi to Fiona! Lovley to have you join in #R2BC.

    Mich x

  4. Wow your nan is 101! Amazing lady!! Hope you have a fab holiday, I have very fond memories o Cornwall, spending most holidays there as a child as my ngreat Uncle had holiday cottges on Bodmin Moor. x