Tuesday, 26 March 2013

All Hail Foot

In case anyone thinks I'm getting a bit self- important after my last few posts, don't worry, the kids are onto it...

We've just got in from the park. It's roughly -103C outside, baby M is asleep and so well wrapped up that she may spontaneously combust within moments of entering the house, at the very least she'll wake up any second demanding a feed. E is sat on the stairs, her foot, still shod in a mucky boot, is held to her ear like a telephone:

E: Muuuum! Foot says you haven't got me my Tombliboo yet

Me: yes well let's get our coats off fi...

E: Muuuum! Foot says you've not put Dora the Explorer on yet

Me: yes, just get your co...

E: Muuuum! Foot says you've not made me a hot chocolate yet.

Me: Could you ask foot a question please?

E: yes!

Me: what should I do first? Fetch the Tombliboo, put on Dora, make hot chocolate or kneel down before you in a humble act of devotional worship?

E: (thinks for a second) Foot says Dora.







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