Friday, 31 May 2013

A Blog Post About Blogging

This blog has now been going for over four years and has changed quite a bit over that time, new name, new themes, increased levels of ranting etc. etc. But it's fair to say I'm not the most conscientious blogger. Weeks, even months, often go by without me posting and I've never made a huge effort to get involved in the Mummy "blogging community".

On the latter point I'm a bit torn, I always like to "meet" new people,  but I'm a bit put off by the popularity trading that seems to be recommended - you post on my blog I'll post on yours, you vote for me in the awards and I'll vote for you. Of course I'd like to get more readers, I put a lot of effort into most of my posts, but I don't earn any money from this blog, I don't have advertisers to keep happy, so I don't really feel comfortable promoting myself in those ways. Is this terribly ethical of me or just very female, shying away from self promotion? Comments welcome (even from those promoting their own blogs!!).

I can take more decisive action on how often I post though. I always seem to have 15 ideas for posts in my head but I never find time to write them. A few days ago another local blogger recommended this book. So, for the 30 days of June I'm going to attempt a 30 day blogging challenge. I can't promise to post every single day as some of the challenges don't quite fit with this blog but hopefully I'll get into the habit of posting a bit more often than I currently do!

Keep popping back this month to see how I'm getting on.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Everybody Be Cool - This Is A School offer

I tried to ignore it, I tried to convince myself that I was cool about it, hey I'm not one of those parents who obsesses about their kid's primary school place, it's just primary school! She'll be fine wherever. But eventually school offers day had to arrive...

We actually did ok, E got offered our 4th choice school and while that may not sound great, I know of people who got no where at all, or a school they hadn't put on their list which is miles away, so I'm at least relieved to know where she'll be going, well almost.

We were automatically added to the waiting list for the three schools we preferred but weren't offered, for two of these we don't have a hope (29th and 65th on the list - last year we would have got into one of them!) but for our second choice school we were initially 3rd on the list, then we were 14th, then 12th.

Seems I'm not the only one (not at all) stressed about this. Actually there is some full on screaming panic in some areas. So a whole load of people who weren't initially interested in our second choice school have now joined the list and gone ahead of us as they are nearer. Grrrr!

So, will we get into our second choice? -  unclear.
What should I say to E when we have meetings at the school which she may or may not attend? -  err...
How the screaming heck do I organise wrap around childcare for her plus a nursery place for M that will enable me to get to work at a time that isn't totally taking the p*** and looking vaguely professional?* - ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA.

Not that I'm stressed about it you understand, nah, I'm like totally cool about all this

***gets wine, rocks gently***

Pumpkin and Honey Bunny were prepared to go to extreme measures to get to the top of the waiting list ... (just in case you don't know - not suitable for playing at work!!!)

* Ok looking professional isn't a big issue, I work in a lab, turning up with clothes the right way round, done up and without too many holes in is basically sufficient.