Wednesday, 1 October 2014

In Which SouthwarkBelle Says Something Nice About The NCT

The following statement may come as something of a surprise to regular readers of this blog.

Well done the NCT!

No seriously.

Last month I wrote about a new piece of research showing that inducing labour wasn't as problematic as is often made out. I included a quote from the NCT website:

Induction of labour may set off a ‘cascade of intervention’, and before you know it you may be drawn into having drips, electronic monitoring, epidurals and all the trappings of a medically complicated, high-tech birth

The website went to to suggest a variety of dubious, unproven and expensive "alternative medicine" ways to start labour.

I thought I would send the NCT a link to my post and suggest that they update their website. I've been quite critical of them but it seemed only fair to be open about that and give them the opportunity to respond. They did reply, but to be honest I wasn't holding my breath.

Now I'm not claiming any credit for what happened next, the page was very clearly out of date so the NCT  may well have been working on it anyway. Also Pseudoscience debunker in chief Ben Goldacre is speaking at the NCT conference this weekend which may have been a nudge. I tweeted him a link to my post today and got this, very encouraging response:

(although I would add that the page was current when I wrote my post so I'm at most 3 weeks out of date!)

Sure enough if you go to the NCT page now (here) the scare story buzz words are gone, no more "cascade of intervention" and no more unproven, expensive alternative remedies either.

So, genuinely, well done NCT for responding to evidence and for removing misleading information that could have been very worrying to overdue pregnant women.

There are plenty of other things I could pick fault with on the website still, but it's a good start, I'm keeping everything crossed for more of the same.

I'll even say it again,  well done NCT.