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                   SB: What does Mummy do at work?
                   MissE: Mummy does science

Since becoming a Mummy I've discovered just how much contradictory information, dubious science and outright nonsense is thrown at parents.  This blog is my response.

Here I rant about misleading news stories, dubious parenting advice and dodgy products. I do my best to hunt out the useful information from the ever growing pile of bull sh** and to make the complicated sciencey stuff a bit easier to understand.

If I can find a moment when nothing is annoying the scientist part of me, I may even talk about life in my little corner of south London or even just about being a Mum. - But that's way more complicated than doing science.

There is no such thing, as a maternity labcoat


PS. Right here I should be putting the standard disclaimer, something along the lines of: I'm not a medical doctor so this should all be taken as opinion not medical advice, please don't sue me if any of it turns out to be b*****ks. That sort of thing. Actually that's all true, but more importantly just don't get medical advice from any old random bit of the internet, my bit included. Look for reputable sources, written by people who know what they are talking about and backed up by proper scientific evidence, not anecdotes, beliefs or a desire to sell you something. Then check out that evidence and see if other reputable sources agree. Good luck!

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